Great Grandfather Pietro Sr. and grandfather Pietro Jr. ( circa 1932 )

Great Grandfather Pietro Sr. and grandfather Pietro Jr. ( circa 1932 )


Four Generations of italian wine merchants

Simon is the 4th generation of De Giuli Botta in the Italian wine business. His grandfather Pietro Jr. De Giuli Botta took over the winery from his father Pietro in the early 1920’s. Pietro Sr. ran a highly successful business in Monza just outside Milan supplying the United States before the prohibition era with wine in bulk. When Pietro Jr. took over the business in his early 20’s he immediately started work in expanding the warehouse to store more wines in bulk, which at the time were being brought in from all over Italy.


The Fratelli De Giuli Botta winery during the war was hugely successful, so much so that they had a fleet of Train Tankers “Pietro De Giuli Botta Treni”. There was even a railroad track leading directly into the winery.


During the 1960’s the Italian wine market became highly competitive and as a result my Grandfather and his brother decided to shut down the business and focus on real estate. My father Mario at the time was in his early 20’s and decided to leave for England to become an Italian wine Importer. He partnered up with one of my grandfather’s closest friends Clemente Guasti, a well know producer of Barolo and Barbera from Piemonte as the De Giuli Botta family originates from Mergozzo (a small town on Lake Maggiore) in Piemonte, it was a perfect opportunity. They formed C. Guasti (London) & Co. : 

My mother Pamela at the time assisted my father in the sales and marketing of the wines.


You could say wine is in my blood. I was born in 1973 in Paddington London unfortunately my father wasn’t at my birth as he was delivering wine to a customer! Today Guasti and 8 Vini remain partners and still offer amazing old-world wines that we proudly import. Strangely enough, the packaging hasn’t changed much in 50 years which I think is a good thing in preserving the heritage. There are a number of wineries we work with today that were either inherited from my father or his father. 

Schenk Group SPA is the largest bottler in Europe, supplier to some of the major Pinot Grigio brands you see on your shelf today. When I was 16 years old, my father sent me to this winery for a month during my summer holiday to work on the production line and learn about the bulk wine process. 

Medici Ermete, most likely Italy’s finest D.O.C. Reggiano producer of Lambrusco made by the Medici Family in Reggio Emilia, these are the guys wine spectator first wrote about for Reggiano Lambrusco and makers of our famous Mederfil Lambrusco. My father imported wines from the late 1960’s thru to the early 90’s. One of my earliest childhood memories is hanging out at the back of the winery where they were making their secret stash of Aceto Balsamico. 

Pravis, one of Trentino’s gems is constantly being awarded 3 glasses Gambero Rosso and run by the Pedrini Family. I have known the family since I was about 7 years old when my father was the very first to import their wines into the UK. I remember at the age of 7 my favorite wine was Stravino di Stravino, which they still make today and we are honored to be importing.


8 Vini, Inc. was formed with the purpose of continuing the supply of Italian wines to major chains at the lowest prices and eliminating the middle men as we have successfully done in the past with other clients. We work with a variety of producers ranging from the largest bottlers in Europe to Spectator rated estates across Italy. Our corporate offices are located in San Leandro, California, USA. Our President, travels to Europe on a monthly basis to find great opportunities. What sets us apart from the rest of the Italian wine business is our ability to present you with a premium wine like none other on the market, assuring you of a quality that will give you a competitive edge and will be a great addition to the success of your Italian wine portfolio. We have direct relationships with wineries, bottlers, capsuling, and labeling companies thereby enabling us to deliver a finished product ready for distribution to your customers. We commit ourselves to maintaining lowest prices in the market and are dedicated to helping you build an Italian wine program which will capture a substantial market share as well as, have a positive impact on your revenues. We have been very successful in starting and maintaining a long term relationship with major chains. We continue to grow our business while maintaining a positive, healthy and a along term business relationship with major distributors and retail chains across the US.  8 Vini has a diligent team, who are passionate about what they do as well as have the know how of the business which enables us to cater to your every need. 8 Vini, mantra to success is simple; Give the customer what they want at the lowest possible price, with the highest quality available.